Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Screen Printing

My Moodboard & Some Drawing Sheets

Samples for the Competition
When I was in the print rooms a few weeks ago screen printing some designs onto cushions I was so impressed with the standard that some of the students have reached. Mine was very basic one screen stuff but when I got my old work out for my photobook I was quite impressed with the different techniques I had used like colour separation, flocking, discharge and metallics.
Oh if only I could start all over again - but I think my husband might strangle me if i suggested it!


  1. You don't need to start all ovwer again.....you've done enough beautiful designing, embroidering, printing and researching for two degrees already :-)!!!!!!!
    Always in awe of your many talents and acheivements.

  2. Thank you Chris for all your encouraging comments. They are really appreciated.

  3. PS.apologies for the typing errors....never wanted to be a typist and just as well I wasn't!!!!!:-)