Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I Wonder Why I Didn't Choose Gift?

A Close up of One of My Card Designs

A Few Examples of My Female Card Range

A Drawing of One of My Vintage Hatpins

Some of the Gifts & Packaging

A Close up of One of My Cards for Men

A Few Examples of  My Male Card Range

A Drawing of a Tropical Fish We Saw in Australia

Some of the Gifts for Men

I loved my gift assignment. It was the first time that I really started using Photoshop and I produced two extensive ranges for males and females. The first was called "When Science meets Nature" where I layered up copies of my drawings of birds and fish with backgrounds that included extracts from my notes for my Physics degree, drawings of cogs, as well as my favourite building in New York - the ChryslerBuilding.
The second was called "Nature Bejewelled" which was very floral combined with drawings of my own Victorian pendents and hatpins.
It also meant that I could satisfy my natural tendency to be a designer-maker as I made fabric covered diaries, key rings, coasters and badges and it was great getting out my product boards to photograph for my photobook.

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