Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Where has the last year gone?

It is almost one year since I posted anything on my blog. This has been for two reasons. 
1. Our aging desktop, with its' XP operating system, would not support the required version of Explorer. 
2. Blogger decided it would no longer accept my NTL email address to log in and check my reading list or post new stuff. 
I have still been busy doing creative stuff but thought I would share some of my knitting projects with you tonight so here goes. 

This is a cardigan I knit for my granddaughter Martha last summer. 
This Aran sweater was one I did for my other granddaughter Penny but it turned out a little too big so I haven't any photos of her wearing it yet. 
I loved knitting this zig-zag jacket in Merino wool. 
Finally my latest project was this rather vintage looking Fair Isle cardigan for Penny. 
Well fingers crossed that this post doesn't look too bad as I have found it difficult to move the cursor around and haven't a clue how to size pictures or add captions so bare with me.