Sunday, 26 June 2011

A Busy Two Weeks

Sorry for no postings recently but the last two weeks have been action packed!
    The Venue
    Proud Exhibitor
    3 Generations of girls with a passion
    for Design
    With Our son Matthew,
     His Lynsey and Her Mum
    Lynsey and Martha
    Paul and I
  1. Opening Night of Degree Show (9th June)
This was an amazing night. Everybody that came to speak to me was very encouraging and gave lots of good feedback. It was also lovely to be surrounded by my family who have been on this 6 year journey with me. One other special member, Lucas, was there but he preferred to play in the pulpit!

   2.    On Duty in the Gallery (10th June)
Lots more lovely feedback from visitors who took time and trouble to ask about my work

   3.   Another Visit to the Gallery (11th June)
This time with more friends and family

  4.   External Examiner (13th June) 
Having to fit an emergency visit to the dentist in to sort out my tooth ache I was hoping like mad that I wouldn't be one of the chosen few that she wanted to speak to but I was. It turned out that she was extremely nice, had gained a good knowledge of my work having looked at concept journals, development books etc. She even remembered me from the Knitting and Stitch Show in Harrogate and asked about Dollykits.

    5. Exit Tutorial and Results (14thJune)
Finally the day that we all awaited arrived and we had our final tutorial with Tricia. I was delighted with all the positive comments she had written and even more delighted with my mark of 87% ( although these are still only provisional until the university confirm them)

Little Swimmers

Keeping out of the Sun

Lucas found another pulpit!
   6. A Week in France with My 2 Grandchildren
Straight after the tutorial we set off in convoy to the airport to start a family holiday in France. We all had a lovely time visiting the caves at Lascaux, to see the amazing wall paintings and visiting aquariums and dinosaur parks to keep the kids happy - possible visual research- who knows1

  6. Mock Up for New Designers (23rd June)
Having arrived back on Wednesday evening it was back to college on Thursday to select what and how to display my work at New Designers. This time we only had about 1m of wall space and so had to be even more selective than for our Degree Show. I decided on 4 wallpapers and 2 fabric lengths. the rest of my display went in to my portfolio (except for the cushions) along with some earlier work from previous modules.

Tomorrow it is off to the Design Centre in Islington to prepare for the opening on Wednesday.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Preparing for the 2011 Degree Show

My 2.2m of space
Yesterday was a busy day for everyone who was putting up their work in the Hartlepool Art Gallery ready for the opening night of our degree show tomorrow. I was allocated 2.2m of wall between Catherine and Laura in a very good location just as you enter the gallery. The difficulty was selecting what to display in such a small space. I decided it was probably best to select my 2m lengths of linen  furnishing fabric along with 3 lengths of wallpaper, and their coordinates, more because of their size rather than them being my favourites. I then had real difficulty knowing what else to include. I still had the footboard and was going to put out my 4 contemporary cushions based on some of my wallpapers. However Claire insisted that my screen printed and embroidered striped cushions were more edgy and so I took her advice. I also placed 3 collections of fabrics, rolled up as bolts and stacked, as well as suspending my 2 lampshades. Mind you I was tempted  to try and fit in my Concept Journal, wallpaper samples, some drawing sheets........... but as Claire said it would look like Primark at 3.30 on a Saturday! I did try hard to remember that "LESS IS MORE".