Saturday, 21 May 2011

New Designers 2011

CCAD's stand 2010
I am very pleased to be able to say that I have been selected to exhibit my work at the CCAD stand at New Designers 2011!
I have visited this prestigious exhibition of new talent, from across the length and breast of the country, each year since I started my degree course but never expected that this year I would be going as an exhibitor.
If you are interested in the exhibition take a look at their website

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Final Hand In

A Packed Bay

Spreading on to Chairs

The Dreaded Paperwork
Yesterday was the culmination of six years work when we handed in our final assignment.I hadn't realised how much room this would all take up so my drawing sheets and wallpaper designs were submerged under fabric samples, lampshades and files. Hope the examiners have strong arms to lift my Concept Journal and Design Development books which weigh a ton.
The next big thing is our Degree Show in the Hartlepool Art Gallery from 9th June. Hope you will pay it a visit.

Friday, 13 May 2011

Final Pieces

Cosmic Shower Cushion

DNA Molecules Cushion

Cosmic Shower and DNA Cushions
I originally started work on a collection of cushions based on modern scientific ideas quite a while back. I screen printed foil glue onto black fabric with the intention of using clear foil on top but I abandoned this idea and went to work on my bright contemporary collection instead. When I found that I still had a little time before hand in I decided to revisit them. I had bought this lovely fabric by Romo to do the boxed edges on the original black linen cushions but decided to print onto it instead. This time I added black pigment to the foil glue so that it would stand out on the striped fabric. I then went on to embroider the chemical formulae for the DNA bases in shiney red, chunky stitches. Similarly I added the cosmic shower cascading down on the iconic Transporter Bridge in the same way. I then made them up into cushions edged with glossy vinyl piping to match the black gloss of the print.
All in all I think it was worth going back to them even if the subject matter is a little unusual.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Product Visualisation

Brachiopod Wallpaper and co-ordinate in a room setting
I forgot to say that I have also been busy preparing a product visualisation board for FMP hand in on Monday. Not sure that I have picked the best examples or best room to showcase my wallpapers but I'm sticking with it as still need to finish 2 more cushions!.

Contemporary Cushions

Close up of two of the designs

The Finished Collection
The last couple of weeks have been mainly spent CONSOLIDATING as the saying goes. That means that mostly I have been doing paper work like writing self evaluations ready for the big hand in next Monday. I have however managed to complete my collection of cushions based on sections of previous designs. I digitally printed them on to a black background and then embellished them with a bit of sparkle by foiling, hand painting and embroidering with sparkly threads. To finish off I made them up into boxed cushions using a stripe fabric I designed to incorporate all of the colours. Hope you like them!