Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Final Hand In

A Packed Bay

Spreading on to Chairs

The Dreaded Paperwork
Yesterday was the culmination of six years work when we handed in our final assignment.I hadn't realised how much room this would all take up so my drawing sheets and wallpaper designs were submerged under fabric samples, lampshades and files. Hope the examiners have strong arms to lift my Concept Journal and Design Development books which weigh a ton.
The next big thing is our Degree Show in the Hartlepool Art Gallery from 9th June. Hope you will pay it a visit.


  1. Mavis you did so much work! All of it so beautiful! xx

  2. Thanks Lauren but I always say the same about you and your work.

  3. All your hard work over the past 6 years has definately paid off! Your final major project is amazing and looks fantastic seeing it all there in your bay!
    Can't wait for the Degree Show next month!
    Now what are you going to do??? I have two little children who will love spending time with their Grandma once Mummy goes back to work.... :o)

  4. Truly wonderful looks LOVELY-mine looked very boring, as no walls on my tiny bay to hang my boards on :-(
    I think you needed a bay extension too....

    You have produced the most beautiful variety of products not only for the FMP but for all your projects....a new career as textile designer, designer maker or teacher MUST be on the cards?!!! Or maybe time to just enjoy life and your lovely growing family:-)

  5. Awwwww Mavis it all looks FABULOUS! So professional. All ur hard work has paid off. Well done xx

  6. Fabulous! Loved your bay and looking forward to having a better look at the degree show.

  7. Mavis the Rave or Mave the Marvel? You have worked so very hard and paid attention to every detail, you deserve to do very well. Your bay looked like an interiors shop! Wonderful.