Friday, 13 May 2011

Final Pieces

Cosmic Shower Cushion

DNA Molecules Cushion

Cosmic Shower and DNA Cushions
I originally started work on a collection of cushions based on modern scientific ideas quite a while back. I screen printed foil glue onto black fabric with the intention of using clear foil on top but I abandoned this idea and went to work on my bright contemporary collection instead. When I found that I still had a little time before hand in I decided to revisit them. I had bought this lovely fabric by Romo to do the boxed edges on the original black linen cushions but decided to print onto it instead. This time I added black pigment to the foil glue so that it would stand out on the striped fabric. I then went on to embroider the chemical formulae for the DNA bases in shiney red, chunky stitches. Similarly I added the cosmic shower cascading down on the iconic Transporter Bridge in the same way. I then made them up into cushions edged with glossy vinyl piping to match the black gloss of the print.
All in all I think it was worth going back to them even if the subject matter is a little unusual.

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  1. GOOD LUCK (though you definitely DON'T NEED IT!!!)now you can enjoy family life!!! Thanx so much for invite, would have been lovely but late night/early morning and traffic issues meant I went home and went to sleep instead of enjoying your company...sorry