Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Contemporary Cushions

Close up of two of the designs

The Finished Collection
The last couple of weeks have been mainly spent CONSOLIDATING as the saying goes. That means that mostly I have been doing paper work like writing self evaluations ready for the big hand in next Monday. I have however managed to complete my collection of cushions based on sections of previous designs. I digitally printed them on to a black background and then embellished them with a bit of sparkle by foiling, hand painting and embroidering with sparkly threads. To finish off I made them up into boxed cushions using a stripe fabric I designed to incorporate all of the colours. Hope you like them!


  1. AMAZING-as always!!!:-)
    Your king crabs remind me of when my children found one on the beach in Hong Kong and kept it until it smelt too much and had to be thrown away-which was a shame as it was such an incredible creature.
    Glad to see it was work that stopped blogging-think you've covered all bases for that room you are furnishing!!!!!

  2. Mavis all your stuff is AMAZING!! You've worked so hard and it shows. Good luck for your hand-in but you won't need it. Everything is soooo professional. Well done xxx :)