Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Preparing for the 2011 Degree Show

My 2.2m of space
Yesterday was a busy day for everyone who was putting up their work in the Hartlepool Art Gallery ready for the opening night of our degree show tomorrow. I was allocated 2.2m of wall between Catherine and Laura in a very good location just as you enter the gallery. The difficulty was selecting what to display in such a small space. I decided it was probably best to select my 2m lengths of linen  furnishing fabric along with 3 lengths of wallpaper, and their coordinates, more because of their size rather than them being my favourites. I then had real difficulty knowing what else to include. I still had the footboard and was going to put out my 4 contemporary cushions based on some of my wallpapers. However Claire insisted that my screen printed and embroidered striped cushions were more edgy and so I took her advice. I also placed 3 collections of fabrics, rolled up as bolts and stacked, as well as suspending my 2 lampshades. Mind you I was tempted  to try and fit in my Concept Journal, wallpaper samples, some drawing sheets........... but as Claire said it would look like Primark at 3.30 on a Saturday! I did try hard to remember that "LESS IS MORE".


  1. Sorry Mavis!
    it looks just perfect.

  2. GOOD LUCK at New Designers -Enjoy:-)

    PS Hope you had a great holiday.