Sunday, 24 April 2011


Lampshades complete

Close up of Dragonfly Shade

Close up oj Jellyfish Shade

Another shot of the Two Looking More Like Shades

On Friday I tackled the tricky job of making up my designs into actual lampshades. I had put off doing them because I was sure they would end in disaster. I'm rather pleased with how they have turned out for my first attempts. I had ordered the kits to do them off the Internet and when they arrived I carefully measured the length of stiffener they provided in order to set up my Photoshop document.I then had to estimate how much of this was overlap. As the double sided tape they provided was 1cm wide I presumed that this was the overlap. WRONG!. It was actually nearer to 3cm and despite leaving some margin for error I have lost a little of each design. At least I know for next time if ever I am crazy enough to repeat this exercise.


  1. I don't think these photos do these lampshades justice! They are even more impressive in real life!
    Well Done on another fabulous creation!

  2. awww Mavis. They are absolutely GORGEOUS.I spent ages trying to decide which was my fave but have had to give up. It's too hard coz they're both as lovely as each other lol. Well done ...... they look so professional xx

  3. I think you need a new extension/room to decorate entirely in your amazing crations....feature wall for the paper, wooden floor for the rug, big windows for the curtain material and some elegant lamps for these amazing shades!!!!!!think you can decorate the church entirely on your own!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. P.S> so you decided to do lampshades after all?!!;-)