Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Individual Options

A Drawing of a Teddy My Friend Lent Me

Some of the Gifts I Made

A Drawing of a Cute Duck Lent to Me by Henny
 (who was on this course)

Some of the Cards for Different Occasions

When I started this module I was just about to become a grandma for the first time and had spent a lot of time in Mamas & Papas and Elphin in Yarm so I felt I knew my target market pretty well for this range of products for the very young.

 I drew a lot of traditional children's toys and others that friends lent me. Jackie, who always has loads of lovely old textiles, came up trumps with a collection of crocheted animals. They were definitely different and there was no worry about copy rite that you have with modern toys.

As well as cards,wraps & tags I made a selection of knitted and stitched gifts from rabbits 7 trains to bandannas and books and loved every minute of making them including designing the knitting & sewing patterns. I even printed my own fabric to make the rabbits shirt, the bandanna and the cloth book.

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