Monday, 14 February 2011

New Marine Fabric Collection

Echinoderm Fabric

Diatoms & Desmids
I designed these two fabrics over interim week to complete the fabric range of the Marine Collection but there was something about both that I wasn't happy with so I decided to work on other things. I returned to them yesterday and I am now a lot happier with them.
The Echinoderm fabric was designed to accompany the wallpaper of the same name but, to avoid using the same images, I decided I would scan some very simple prints I had made at two workshops that I attended over the summer. These were run by a group called Pheonix Art who do regular classes and are based at Portrack, Stockton on Tees. Over the summer they had the use of an empty shop in town where they held drop in workshops for adults and children, as well as evening classes like the ones I attended. The staff were truly inspirational, especially Adrian Mould who showed me how to etch into metal plates to print from. I really hope that when this course is finished I will have the time to pursue this further. I have "photoshoped" the etched image to give it a more defined edge.
For the Diatoms & Desmids (which are microscopic algae) fabric I used my much more detailed drawings of these from my drawing sheets that I completed in college. It is a smaller repeat than of late and now that I have tinkered with the size of the seaweed I am pleased with it.

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