Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Catching Up

Horsetail Ferns & Dragonflies

Corona Imperialis Pod


Pitcher Plant

Pomegranate Sprig

Pomegranate Fruit
I spent the day yesterday tackling new colourways for my Botanical Collection of wallpapers (as I had done previously with my Botanical Collection fabrics). Some worked better than others but here they are for all to see. You might need your sun glasses for the much, much brighter Pomegranate Fruit design which was originally in very muted colours.
Oh, I also improved the accuracy of the repeat for the Horsetail Ferns & Dragonflies as the stems weren't joining perfectly in the original colourway.


  1. Again, more fab colour combos! I like the simplicity of the pomegranate sprigs and like the new versions of the Drosophila and the Horsetail Ferns & Dragonflies!

  2. Love all the new brighter colourways Mavis but my very fave is the horsetail ferns and dragonflies. You've managed to make them so delicate without them fading into the background! Don't know how you manage to keep turning out such gorgeous designs time after time. Keep up the good work lol xx