Monday, 14 February 2011

More Marine Wallpapers

Horseshoe Crab wallpaper

Radiolarian Wallpaper
These are the pieces I have been working on whilst waiting for inspiration for the last two Marine Fabrics in the previous post.
The first was to accompany the fabric featuring Crustaceans such as Crayfish, Porcelain Crab and Shrimps but this time I used my very simple black ink drawing of a Horseshoe Crab and arranged it in a circular motif a bit like a flower. All it needed then was a couple of simple patterns based on marine life,which I had drawn with a white pen on black in my summer journal, to complete the design. The thing I did enjoy about this process was experimenting with textured layers, razterising and using the difference setting within Photoshop.
Radiolarians are unicellular creatures with amazingly complicated outer cases that look to me like some expensive lampshades that I saw in Liberty's, where I did wonder if they had been the inspiration for their designer. They are found in the waters of the Caribbean and something very similar turned up in our pond (but my husband, who discovered it whilst looking down his microscope at pond water, thinks that the case must be made of a different substance to the tropical Radiolarians). Anyway they inspired me to use them in this wallpaper design to accompany the Diatom & Desmid fabric as they are also marine algae. I have had both printed onto A1 cartridge paper( but I am considering printing a long length of both) and I have modified the position of one cluster of Radiolarians since I saw it full size.

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