Thursday, 6 January 2011


Drosophila and Embryos

Pitcher Plants
Towards the end of last term I produced 3 botanical prints on fabric, that initially I saw as a collection in their own right, and I planned to both hand and machine embroider into the borders that I had created to frame the central image. There was then a change in plan and I started work on designing a collection of furnishing fabrics and wallpapers to accompany each of these. You have been introduced to the fabrics and now it's the turn of the wallpapers. I thought I would produce 2 designs for each print - one digital and one to be screen printed. However, after a one to one chat with my tutor, I have decided to design both in CAD and digitally print both. This way I hope that I can achieve a really contemporary look, despite the traditional subject matter.
It might not be obvious how the first design links so well with my concept of "Evolution" but these little fruit flies, called Drosophila, are a favourite with geneticists the world over because they show lots of mutations and are very prolific breeders!

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