Monday, 10 January 2011

Anniversary Trip to London

 What a fantastic weekend Paul and I have just spent in London. We arrived on time by train, checked into our smart hotel near Covent Garden and then ventured off on our first adventure. We thought of going to the Arsenal football match but Paul talked me into skipping that and visiting the Fashion and Textile Museum to see an exhibition of the work of  textile and interior designer Sue Timney of Timney-Fowler. What a little gem of a place packed with her drawing sheets, mood boards and samples of her beautiful fabric designs. Very inspirational!
 After a nice meal we went to the theatre to see Les Mis and by Sunday morning we were set to go again  - this time to the Royal Academy to visit the "The Glasgow Boys" exhibition. I have had a fascination for this period in Glasgow's rich artistic history since writing my Japonisme essay for Malcolm in Prof. Studs. It was good to see the influence of Japan, due to the close trading links Glasgow had with this country at the time, on artists other  than Rennie Mackintosh in particular E. A. Hornel

Paul and I viewed in the huge convex side of "C-Curve"

More weird is this pic of us in the concave side which inverts everything
standing at this distance

As the weather was perfect we took a long walk along Picadilly to the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens to see four outside sculptings by Anish Kapoor. We first came across his work when we visited Chicago to look at the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright and we stumbled upon a huge mirror construction in a park that was a physicist dream, as the images were more difficult to fathom, but it was. good to watch people's reactions to these simpler pieces here in London.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! Ruby wedding celebrations very well deserved. You had a better experience at the Fashion and Textile Museum......must depend upon the exhibition you choose to visit!!Sounds like a great break, as well as useful research.