Monday, 12 December 2011

Martha's New Cardigan

As Martha is going to the ABC Christmas party later today dressed as a reindeer she is wearing her brown tights and T-shirt ready for the transformation. More importantly she is sporting her new designer cardigan knit by grandma!
I made the pattern up my self but it was inspired by about five others that I had knit previously. Hope you like it.


  1. It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! (Both Martha and your fantastic design)
    Hope the tiny reindeer has a lovely day-little ones are what make Christmas magic-remembering Nativity's for my own children and the pupils I taught at Amelia Lily's (!!!!!:-)) old school....

  2. Thanks Chris. Like you I also taught at Teesside High School and when I went on friday to their annual speech day the whole school was covered in posters encouraging viewers to vote for Amelia Lily.
    It was a very proud moment for me as one of my former A Level physics students was the guest speaker and she is now world reknowned in the area of brain mapping and has completed pioneering work in to Obcessive Compulsive Disorder. Who would have thought when I took her to Durham University's Christmas lecture on MRI scanning it would set the seeds for such a distinguished career!

  3. That's why teaching is an amazing career-only spoilt by government interference, box ticking and internal school politics.........
    The look in a child's eye when you have captured it's imagination and inspired a love of learning is beyond compare, something you have obviously done on many an occasion-be very proud!