Tuesday, 27 December 2011

It's All in the Presentation

A few day's before Christmas, in the thick of all the last minute shopping and present wrapping, I received an invitation from Talent House to enter a competition to design a pattern to put on to an UGG boot.They said that I had been invited because they had liked the designs in my portfolio on Artsthread.
I was flattered and thought I might give it a go so this morning I logged on to the website and discovered that voting was about to start. In rather a rush I tried to submit 3 views of of the UGG boot, with one of my designs featured, to find that it only accepted one image - and of course not the one I would have chosen.

The voting is done via Talent House's website and you can canvas supporters to vote for you so my daughter posted a link on her facebook page and I tweeted about it. Now however I wish I had paused a little to think about the presentation - which quite frankly was pathetic! To try to rectify this a little here is the same design but presented slightly better than on the entry.
My Design for the UGG Boot Competition

If however you did wish to view my portfolio click on  Talent House
If you like what you see support me by voting for this entry by simply clicking on "Support Mavis Glover" here .

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