Thursday, 1 December 2011

Iconic Landmarks

If you saw a much earlier post you might recognise my design for a cushion depicting a cosmic shower cascading down over the iconic Transporter bridge over the river Tees. This received a lot of interest at my degree show and from my blog, including a request from Alison in Abu Dhabi who wanted to commission two large 1m x 1m canvases. Being originally from the North East of England she also wanted a similar one but of Antony Gormley's Angel of the North. This time I had them digitally printed but have still embroidered the cosmic showers, one in red and one in orange to suit her colour scheme. She is going to have them stretched over a frame out in Abu Dhabi so sadly I won't get to see the finished articles but I'm sure she will e-mail we some photos when they are in situ.
Now that my hands have recovered from all that stitching into canvas I am about to embark on some more cushions using these designs.


  1. Looking good as always!

    Congratulations on your degree, hope you enjoyed the ceremony.

  2. Mavis, how fantastic! they look great! where did u get them digitally printed? Me and anni was in Dubai for the night near Abu Dhabi, its so hot out there its beautiful Xxx

  3. Hi Lauren,I had them printed by a company in Manchester called Digetex. They were really good.

  4. :-) I'm so looking forward to seeing them! And I really must head down to the Mosque one day and see if I can get a suitable picture for a similar piece...