Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Cushion Designs

3 Possible Cushion Designs

A Rare Sight - Mavis in the Print Rooms!
For the last two weeks I have been floundering! I wanted to do some embroidery and use my lovely sparkly threads from the Madeira sponsorship. The plan was to digitally print designs based around science topics like the Big Bang, DNA and a Cosmic shower of particles entering the Earth's atmosphere above the iconic Transporter Bridge. Tricia suggested that it would be better if I stuck to one colour and did some naive hand embroidery so I came up with the designs above. I thought I would prepare some screens and try flocking and foiling part of the design onto black linen. I knew pretty soon that I wasn't happy with the way it was going so I decided to wait until my tutorial to discuss a change of plan. For now I have abandoned the idea, although I quite like the Transporter Bridge and so might return to it later. I will let you see my new ideas for cushions soon.

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