Tuesday, 20 August 2013

A Passion for Fabric

Lush fabrics from Grace & Favour
Anyone who has been following my blog over the last couple of years will realise that I have a passion for textiles in all its form. Well it appears that this is genetic and my daughter Lynsey has aquired the gene. In one of her searches for beautiful fabrics she discovered an amazing company called Grace and Favour (http://www.grace-favour.co.uk/) and embarked on her first dressmaking adventure. Although she needed a little help I am proud to say that the outcome was amazingly successful for a first attempt as this cute cotton top she made for Martha shows.

Just chilling
Flushed with success she went on to use the same pattern again but this time for a full length dress.

Gorgeous pocket details
Of course she finished off both outfits with matching hair clips and hairbands but she does run a bespoke service for this called Handmade by Martha so why not take a look? (https://www.facebook.com/handmadebymartha2)

The scraps of fabric and spare trim were too good too waste so I managed to make four pretty lavender bags for Lucas' (Martha's big brother) nursery teachers for their end of year presents.

All four slightly different and personal

Having fallen in love with Lynsey's choice of fabrics I was ready to embark on another project myself - this time a top to put away for her birthday party in September. Sewing machine at the ready I set off.

Lots of gathers

Close up of some of the trims
The four different fabics, combined with the ric-rac braids and lace trim, resulted in a gorgeous little top that she has tried on to check it fit but is hanging in her wardrobe for her special party (after all she hardly needs yet another outfit!)

Complete with matching corsage
Martha trying on her new top

Ready and Waiting

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