Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Preparing for Summer

This styalised bird fabric caught my eye at the Knitting and Stitch Show in Harrogate and I couldn't resist making a purchase and then it was off to my local Boyes store to find a suitable contrast fabric - but which colour to pick?
I decided on the royal blue fabric and ric-rac braid and hurried home to get started.

Lynsey and I decided on a pinefore style

But where to put the trim?
The fabric was a dream to work with and Martha loved the finished garment.

Cose ups to show the trim details

I particularly loved the hand embroidered buttons that I covered.

Lazy-daisy stitched flowers to match motif on fabric

As usual Martha showed it off to good effect even if it is still a little on the large size for her.

Martha modelling her new frock

My daughter Lynsey has now also become obsessed by fabric and is always on the look out for new quirky designs. She came across this next one on the web from a company called Betsy Boo Haberdashery and couldn't resist this brightly coloured design.

Colourfull Design using Building

Back fastening detail
This time we chose to make a very traditional dress with a gathered skirt, back fastening and Peter Pan collar. Once again it was fully lined in the plain orange fabric used for the collar and waist trim.
Spectacular colour combo

Miss Martha showing off the finished dress

Finally I have recently finished a third dress for this coming summer using another lovely fabric from Grace and Favour. They have an excellent selection of reasonably priced fabrics especially for children.

Notice the Sellotape to piece together bits of an old pattern
I was "commissioned" to make a replica of a simple top/dress that Martha had last summer and my daughter loved. I tthen set about modifying an old pattern I had used before but dhanged it from a front to back fastening.

Under Construction

Back fastening with buttons

Front detail showing elasticated waist
This is by far the plainest of her new outfits for the summer.

A rather 40's looking Martha


  1. Oh my goodness which is cuter, your gorgeous dresses or the adorable model?! Jack, Martha and Penny are so lucky to have such a talented Grandmother!

  2. Thank you so much Josie. It's very ind of you to say so.