Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Knitting Update

This afternoon I found myself in the unusual position of having some time on my hands as husband Paul, daughter Lynsey and grandchildren Lucas and Martha have gone off to Seven Stories, the National Centre for Children's Books, in Newcastle. Lucas, at 4 years old, is an excellent reader and was very excited about going - meanwhile I have the house to myself and decided to update some of my latest knitting projects into the folder of that name.
After updating this I realised that the current number of recent children's projects was a surprising nineteen with the score:
Martha 18   v   Lucas 1

I must say in my defense that one for Lucas was not a resounding success as the pure wool proved troublesome. On the other hand Martha loves all of hers and frequently asks "Are you Knitting me another cardi grandma?"
As she already had a plethera of hand knits I thought it wise to knit some in bigger sizes to put away but when I saw the Mia Mila pattern for the fairisle kimono style jacket I wanted her to wear it straight away (and very nearly knit it too small!). Here are some pics of the finished garment I previewed in my last post.
Finished Garment which was very challenging

Martha modelling her new jacket

"It doesn't really itch grandma"

Martha enjoying cake at Hidden Gems
in Sedgefield
This was quite an extravagent little number, as 12 balls of wool were needed, but at the end there was nearly half of it left so not being one to waste resources I used it up by knitting a waffled striped cardigan I knit originally for Martha's mum about 30 years ago.
Waffle stripes

Finished garment

Martha admiring her new cardigan

Showing her dolly Florence
The ripple effect was created by increasing in every stitch of the first row, and decreasing in every stitch of the last row, of every coloured stripe.
Since these two cardigans I have knitted a cotton shrug for our lovely British summer and have started a chunky gillet for the autumn so I will post these when i have more photos.

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