Friday, 9 November 2012

The Garden Yarners

This is just a quick post to tell you about a lovely new knitting and crochet group that my daughter-in-law Lynsey has started in her village of Whickham near Newcastle. I have posted an article earlier about the wonderful "secret garden" (well almost as it is tucked away behind the main street) called the Whickham Hermitage Community Garden and the group met there for the first time last Wednesday evening in the lovely surroundings of the Orangery cafe to knit or crochet.

It was a really warm and friendly atmosphere and people chatted and exchanged ideas while being served tea and biscuits from the pretty vintage crockery of The Whistling Bunting.

Several members brought along books and magazines for others to browse and many ideas, from types of yarn to good places to buy it, were all talked about.
It was a select little group to start with but we hope that when more people get to know about it it will grow just like the wonderful plants in the garden where it all happens.

Why not join us at the next meeting on the first Wednesday in December from 6 - 7 30pm?

You can follow it on Facebook


  1. Hi Mavis, it looks like a lovely group. I would love to come to the next one but Jacob is a bit small to be left at that time of the day, especiallly as he won't take a bottle! Hope everyone is well. Rachelle

  2. Hi Rachelle, lovely to hear from you. Hope all of your family are doing well especially your latest addition. As soon as you feel he can be left for a couple of hours it would be lovely to see you at the group as I'm sure you would enjoy it.