Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Family Trip to London

Last Thursday we set off for a family visit to London. This trip was planned before Christmas by both my daughter Lynsey and son in law Nathan  as a "thank you" to Paul and I for looking after our two grandchildren a couple of days each week while Lynsey works.This was totally unnecessary but a wonderful surprise. To top it off our son Matthew and his wife Lynsey arranged to whisk me away with them to the Chelsea Flower Show on one of the days we were there. This was something I always wanted to do but, because it always falls in term time, I have previously been unable to do (because of teaching or college commitments) - but not any longer!
From getting on the train in Darlington to arriving back there it was a really special time as I hope you can see from the selection of snaps below.

The Journey Down

"Pass me a cherry please Matthew"

Lucas loved his fishing game from his comic

Can you believe we had a whole carriage to ourselves!

Artist in the making?

 The Natural History Museum

Sitting in the sun waiting for the fellas to take the cases to the hotel

Trying to keep cool

Matthew back from the hotel

Lucas' name magically appears on
the screen below the Diplodicus
- the wonders of mobile phones


Straight from the mouth of a 3yr old "W.O.W. Wow"

After visiting the museum shop

3 generations enjoy seeing the T-Rex anamoton

 Kensington Palace Gardens

Lucas picking daisies... adorn Auntie Lynsey

The London Eye

Blue skies all the way
The Hegarty branch of the family

Buckingham Palace

Changing of the Guard


Lucas in Toy Heaven

The Science Museum

Martha learns about secondary colours - CYM
Lucas studies concave & convex mirrors
Experimenting with sound
Martha investigates fluid flow

What is it about kids and space?
Lucas the astronaut

After all this fun time for a babyccino
I will let you see all the amazing gardens at Chelsea in a seperate post


  1. hi Mavis,
    you certainly pack a lot into your time. I had a comment on my blog or - can't remember from Handmade by Martha, didn't realise it was your daughter! What a small world. Hope you are well. jayne x

  2. Hi Jayne,
    Lovely to hear from you. Lynsey said you had met up on facebook. I haven't succumbed to that yet, although i do do Twitter and Instagram which can waste whole chunks of a day. Hope we might meet at the Degree Show on Thursday.