Friday, 4 November 2011

The Print Biennale

Rew Hanks' winning entries
Another Friday and another visit to a gallery hosting part of the International Print Biennalle 2011. This time it was to the Laing Gallery in Newcastle to see an exhibition of invited artists' work. This photograph shows the winning entries for the 2011 competition, which are lino cuts by Rew Hanks entitled:
  • Hunter and Collector
  • King Bungaree
  • Macquarie's seat
My husband, who is a keen naturalist, commented on the uncanny resemblance of the man in the left hand print to Joseph Banks the explorer and collector. I was very impressed when I researched Hanks only to find that in fact it was  based on him!

Lauren Drescher's Animal Skin & Tattoo Skin
on Japanese  paper
As well as other contemporary print makers we also enjoyed the exhibition Lines of Flight
 celebrating 100th anniversary of  Mervyn Peake, who illustrated books such as Tales of the Brothers Grimm, Treasure Island and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
We couldn't resist seeking out the permanent display of Thomas Bewick's work as well.

The History of Quadrupeds
We also popped over the road to the Central Library to see their small display of some his woodbocks and
first editions.

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  1. Can't believe these are lino prints -the detail is so fine Having had a small tsste/tried it myself at Bowes, it seemed very difficult be detailed. However, I guess its like wood engraving and ,with much finer tools and lots of paractise and skill, you do eventually get to this amazing standard!!!! Looked him up and it seems his work comments on things like the Australian aborigines. His picures need close examination, they are not just 'old fashioned' replication. Thanx for bringing his work to our attention.
    You are really making the most of 'culture/art Fridays :-)