Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Simple Harmonic Motion

Having branched into the world of design rather late in life meant that I already had 40 years experience in what, some would say, was a diametrically opposite world - physics. Today I received a link to this Harvard website from the son of a close friend who knew that I had shown my students something similar. I strongly recommend that you take a look at the video clip of these beautiful rhythms and you will realise that the two worlds aren't really that far apart.


  1. Everything is interlinked is humans who have sub-divided knowledge, supposidly to simplify it . Instead it has just meant a lack of communication and correlation between disciplines! That was the very good thing about Geography when I studied made you realise the importance of an over view and the necessity for inter-disciplinary explanations for problems/answering the basic 'why?' of everything.... I love all inclusive theories and artists who explored the why of everything from all angles, including art eg Leonardo. Herman Hesse's book 'The Glass Bead Game'was a brilliant novel about a monastic group who tried to combine the laws of language, maths etc ino a system or game. It's why I keep on studying and why I would love to do a pure science degree involving biology, astrology,psychology, anthropology etc. etc etc...... OU rising costs have put paid to that sadly, but maybe the maths would have defeated me anyway!!!
    Carry on making beautiful designs out of your lovely physics patterns, then others can make connections too.

  2. PS The wave patterns the beads produce in the link are amazing! :-)