Monday, 15 August 2011

Catching up with projects

Martha's new frock

Detail of hem line

Look at me in my new frock!

Modeling comes naturally!

Since finishing my degree I have been promising to finish/start making some clothes for my grandaughter Martha but then there was a holiday in France, New Designers in London, our son's wedding in Durham and numerous other things but at last I can boast that I have finished two items so I thought I would share them with you. Firstly there is this cute little number that she enjoyed modelling - although I don't think the hairband will stay on for very long!
Just her colour

Detail of rib

Martha at Allana's Christening

The second was this cardigan which I finished just in time for a family christening last week. I have also started another cardigan, from a pattern written by Tricia McKenzie my course leader, and another similar dress and hairband so not at the end of the list yet.

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  1. So cute!!!! Wonder what happened to those beautiful designs you made for children a few years ago-I remember thinking how lovely they were with toys to put in pockets etc.? Does Martha have the full set of dolly set people?