Sunday, 12 December 2010

New Collections

A lot of the last week of term was spent trying to digitally print my Angiosperm fabrics onto linen. This proved difficult, mainly because the fibres off the material kept blocking the printer heads. Eventually I abandoned the linen and successfully printed all four onto quite a heavy cotton. This worked really well and I'm pleased with the results.
I did however find some time to respond to Trisha's suggestion that I develop a collection of fabrics and wallpapers to accompany each of the botanical printed pieces that I posted last week and these are the ones I have completed so far.

Unfortunately I got a "Server Rejected" message when I went to upload the pics. According to the help forum this is quite common with the newer "Post Editor" so I followed their recommendations to change my settings and select the old one. i did this but still no success so for now I will have to keep you in suspense!

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